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Alice took another forkful of pancakes while the other two talked, waiting patiently to reply. She certainly didn't want to interrupt, and she was usually quite content to listen to others when a conversation started up.

Jennifer asked her a question, apparently intrigued by Alice's commissions. Alice knew that Jen was also an artist, though she didn't recall seeing a lot of Jen's stuff. Still, practice made perfect, and if Jennifer drew as much as Alice did then she was probably quite good. The compliment made Alice a little self-conscious, but she was glad to hear it. That was one of her secret pleasures; getting praise. It made her feel good, naturally; who doesn't like a compliment?

"Thanks, Jen. I'm okay, I guess. If you put yourself out there, people will come, I guess. It helps to find a niche, too. Like, like you said, I mostly do character work, so people get me to draw their OCs and stuff."

Kizi made a comment, and Alice tried not to cringe at the awkward follow-up comments. Poor thing, it would've been a really funny joke if she hadn't...well...explained it. Alice offered a sympathetic smile in her direction, and said, "It's okay, I got it. It was pretty funny."

Wanting to make Kizi feel better, Alice decided to redirect the conversation so Kizi could be included without feeling embarrassed. "You don't draw, right? What else do you like to do?"
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