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"Ah, nice!"

Kizi herself wasn't an artist, and she wouldn't exactly describe herself as a creative sort - at least in the conventional sense. Everyone was creative, in a way. Everyone had their own creative outlets, their own opportunities to let their imagination go wild. Of course, saying everyone was creative kinda ruined creative as a descriptive adjective, so that sort of comment would need a fair few qualifiers.

Anyway, these two were talking about their own creativity, Kizi wasn't going to interrupt with her own internet-assembled philosophy on what it meant to be creative.

Knowing her luck, she'd probably mangle her words into something annoying or pretentious or factually disprovable. She didn't want that at all!

At moments like this, it was best to nod, look happy, and just let other people take charge of the conversation. She found art interesting, certainly, but couldn't add anything to the subject herself, so, for everyone, the conversation was best served by her being mute.

Okay, she couldn't resist the opportunity for one bad joke.

"Only thing I can draw are curtains," she said, in a lull in the conversation, when she was certain she wasn't interrupting anything. "Like, as in pulling them. Although I could probably draw some curtains too, in the meaning you guys are talking about. So long as you don't expect patterns or shading."

She could also draw a bath as well! That was the saying, right?

Wasn't worth the risk.

"I'll shut up now."
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