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Rainy was still staying kind of quiet, and now Vinny knew that something was up here. Although GLD hadn't been super open with them, she'd at least been carrying a conversation with them. Now, though, she'd clammed up completely. Enzo had to wonder whether there was genuine animosity between GLD and chihuahua. Maybe that was going a little far. Maybe they just didn't like each other much.

Interlacing their fingers, Vinny tucked their hands behind their head and leaned backward, scanning the other pair thoughtfully. They didn't really have a vested interest in ensuring that those two got along. Wasn't as if these were two friends of theirs having a spat, where they'd be seriously trying to play peacemaker. Still, they didn't like to see people fighting, so they supposed they should probably keep an eye on them both to make sure that friction didn't cause sparks.

Then Fiyori pitched a curveball and pulled burritos out of her bag.

Enzo found themselves grinning. Peace offering? Well, actually, they'd only had a light lunch, cause of having that vine idea and wanting to get out the minute it stopped raining so that they could film. As a result... their stomach gave a quiet gurgle.

"Aw, shucks, you sure know how to find a girl's heart," Vinny answered with a wink, dropping their hands to accept the proffered food. A delicate bite, another smile. "So you made this? S'good!"
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