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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Oh, how Coleen hated improv. She hated it so, so very much.

She considered herself a serious actress. She wasn't trying to be prissy about it or anything, thinking she was better or above the other theatre kids. Coleen just meant it in a way that she rehearsed a scene and practiced lines. Improvisation tended to require a razor-sharp wit, and... well, it tended to be funny. She didn't think she was very good at funny. Sad and serious, maybe even sweet, but never funny. The best she was ever able to do was a few deadpan spots.

So when Coleen realized she'd have to jump into this scene sooner or later, it pained her. At least they'd be getting the worst one out of the way for her. She analyzed the situation. Nate was doing... something. She didn't quite place it until Jane held out her finger like a gun, clearly holding up Nate.

Oh, okay. He's like a bank teller or cashier or something.

Coleen reached into her pocket and pulled out... nothing, but cupped her hand as though she were holding a phone. Crouching down behind an imaginary object of some sort, she poked at the 'object' in her hand and then cupped her hand to her ear. "Y-Yes?" She started, practically at a whisper. "Yes! No..."

She paused. How the hell was she supposed to do a 911 call with just 'yes', 'no', 'please' and 'banana'? Weren't they going to ask for the street name or-


"Yes, Banana! Yes! Please!" She raised her voice with a bit of urgency near the end then hung up the 'phone', tucking her head.
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