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Nate pulled a shocked face at the turn of events, though it was only part acting and more actual surprise. A robbery had never even crossed his mind when he was trying to come up with a scene, and now here he was at the end of a finger gun barrel! Point to Jane for coming up with it!

He threw his hands up in the air, praying not to be shot in his store that he’d looked after all these years. Who would look after all his customers and sell them their bargain priced deals, or take care of cleaning the aisles and stocking the shelves? Who would look after his family?!

“No! No no no!” he pleaded, looking back and forth between the cash register and the crook that wanted his hard earned cash.

“Please!” he said to the robber, eyes darting around in hopes that maybe someone outside the store, such as a blonde woman with a talent for singing, was seeing everything and calling the police right now. Or that maybe some brave soul inside the shop itself was sneaking up behind the crook with a bottle of whisky ($25) to whack them over the head with and save the day. Anything to get him out of this mess!

He felt his eyes welling up with dry tears. Not today, not on his son’s birthday of all days!
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