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Vanessa stared at Cameron as her news sunk in. So this was the big deal, huh? Her parents were splitting up for real this time, no fake, no last minute kiss and make up?

No wonder she was so torn up. The last time this had happened had been bad enough, especially when Vanessa found out what Cameron did to herself over it, but that had at least worked itself out. This time, who could say? Cam's parents had never had a storybook marriage, and everyone got divorced these days. It made sense, in a sad way.

She imagined herself in Cameron’s situation. Mom comes up to her room, tells them that Dad’s not coming home anymore. Or maybe Dad’s the one who breaks the news? Either way, her parents weren’t an item after that. Yet, they barely saw each other as it was these days, would it be that big a deal for her to find out that her own parents were splitting up?

Still, she knew her parents relationship was drastically different from Cameron’s, and it probably felt even worse when you were used to both mom and dad being around all day everyday. Maybe or not, Cameron and she weren’t the same people when it came to big news like this or how they reacted to it. She was full of sympathy, but had no way to express it without coming off as clueless about what was going on in Cameron’s heart.

“Well, that sucks.”

She was still going to try though, as they sat together in the desert under the light of the silver moon.
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