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Alice had peaked Jennifer's interest when she mentioned that she did drawings. And more than that, she was getting paid for it.

She was lucky to get money off of doing what she enjoyed, even if it was "not a lot", like she said.

"Ah, well... I just wanted to, uh... see what was happening. But I'm glad everything's okay," Jennifer said, in response to Alice's last remark.

But more importantly...

"So, uh... you draw too? Huh? You must be good if you're getting paid for it," Jennifer stated.

She'd thought about doing commissions herself. Well, it was some of her forum friends that said they would totally pay her to draw things, but Jennifer wasn't sure about that. She could probably make a bit of money doing it, but there was always that nagging feeling that her stuff wasn't good enough.

"Do you... do character work, mostly?"
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