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((Sorry guys, I got confused on the posting order ><))

Well luckily Nate jumped right in, doing...something. Jane took a moment of watching him in the circle, but after he started miming the cash register she caught on pretty quickly. She was used to working the register at the theater, so it was pretty clear to her. Coleen asked her to start off, though. That might be an issue.

See, remember how Jane liked drama club, but preferred backstage? Yeah, she was not the best of actresses. This was problematic, because usually she could step aside during rehearsals and practices and such. But not now. So she needed to suck it up and do the thing.

Still, best to play it cool. Trying to make herself smile in a way that didn't resemble a grimace, Jane stepped forward. Okay, cashier, the four words, what could she do with that? Jane paused for a couple moments, then stepped forward towards Nate.

The scene set itself in her mind. Nate was working with a cash register at...let's go with convenience store. Yeah. So he's working at the register, when suddenly a woman appears! She walks in aggressively, storming up to the counter with a finger gun. Yet, instead of Jane's finger gun, the woman was holding a real gun. This was a robbery.

So Jane walked forward, her finger gun aimed at Nate's face, and she tilted her head towards the invisible cash register. Gave him a look, nodded at him. Silent, but efficient. No words necessary.

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