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Bridgette nodded. "Those are some pretty...fluffy eyebrows," She noted before picking up her pencil again. Danny offered to just sit quiet and watch, which Bridgette was fine with. While she would've liked to talk to Danny as she drew, she also drew better in silence.

She enlarged the picture on her phone and began to sketch the general shape of the clothes. She lightly drew the airy tunic and tight sleeves on the arms and legs. She also began to outline the facial hair, drawing in a long, wispy beard. After some thought, she penciled in some eyebrows as well.

She paused to see her work. It looked fine, just a bit too...faithful to the original. While Bridgette did pay attention to detail, she also didn't like drawing from just one picture. She liked to experiment and mix different reference pictures together to create a whole new design. Even though it was her first time drawing this sort of thing, she still wanted to use multiple references.

But she still needed the old photo for further reference. She saved the picture on her phone before going back to the search results, scrolling through to find a new picture.

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