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Bryony seemed surprised that Sandra knew about Shovel Knight. On the plus side, she'd managed to get the name right. But Bryony was right that it wasn't the most mainstream of games. In fact, Sandra probably wouldn't have heard about it all, it in weren't for a certain streamer friend of hers.

Bryony continued to talk about games, and Sandra had to make an effort to follow along with the topic of conversation. Most of the stuff she knew about video games, she'd talked about with Vinny, but some of it she barely remembered. If it hadn't actually been played on the stream, Sandra had trouble grasping it.

"Ah, yeah. It looked really hard from what I saw of it. Oh, uh, I've never actually played it, haha. But, uh, Vinny was streaming it a few times, so that's how I know of it. Uh. It was actually funny to see some of the parts where they died over and over."

Sandra wasn't a gamer, not really. She kind of wanted to get into them, after watching Vinny stream, but they looked super...

Hard. Scary. Frustrating. Pick one.

Although, she guessed that's what made them good streaming games. Maybe she would ask one of her friends for some easy games she could play.
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