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Kizi seemed somewhat anxious, and was a little embarrassed. Alice felt bad now; she didn't want to worry someone, and they certainly didn't need to feel guilty over worrying. "It's okay, I appreciate your concern." She said warmly, smiling again. Kizi was pretty nice, and she didn't want her friend to get upset. Well, friend might be a strong word, but still.

Kizi also asked what Alice did for work. "I draw online. Like, commissions." She said, somewhat self-conscious. It was a little weird, and a lot of people might not get it. "I draw for people and send it to them for money. Not a lot, or anything, but...it's something I guess." She smiled again, more sheepishly this time.

Jennifer approached, which was another pleasant surprise. Jenny was a sweet girl, a lot like Alice in many ways, and they got along well despite the age difference. "Hi Jen. Good to see you too."

A funny thought passed through Alice's head. She chuckled quietly. "I guess I kind of caused a commotion, huh. Sorry."
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