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Wait, no, not so smooth after all.

Maybe there was a lingering look of anxiety still on her face, or maybe her jumping to her seat had been just a bit too energetic to be shrugged off with some smooth moves,

Well, might as well admit that she had been worried that Alice had been choking to death. Not in those exact words, of course. That'd be weird. "Yeah, well," she said, after Alice rather kindly assured her not to worry, "better to be safe than sorry!", her tone returning to her more standard, friendly, relaxed default, as her posture relaxed and her adrenaline wore off.

"What do you do?" she asked, with an uptick of genuine interest in her voice, happy to move on from her own blunder, before she remembered her manners. "Oh, and just say if you wanna be left alone! Don't mean to intrude or anything, especially if you're having a quiet moment!" Kiziah would appreciate the company, but she hated to intrude. Quiet and solitary moments were never really necessary for Kizi - she was able to do all necessary reflection and pondering on the spot - but everyone was different, and she didn't want to presumptuously assume that this girl wanted to have company.

Especially after she came close to maybe having a near-death experience of sorts, kinda.

And before she could reply to Alice's question, a new arrival. Jennifer. She'd seen her around a few times. Seemed like a nice girl. "Hey Jennifer!" she exclaimed.
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