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Jennifer made her own food about 97% of the time. It was something she greatly enjoyed, and something she took pride in doing. Most of the time, Jennifer didn't find the need to eat out. After all, nobody knew her tastes better than herself.

Of course, sometimes fate conspired against her. Sometimes she couldn't spare enough time to cook something properly. Sometimes, she wouldn't have the ingredients on hand, nor the time to buy them.

Sometimes, her stove would decide to stop working, for no particular reason at all.

And so it was here that she found herself, after asking her parents to call someone to get the stove checked, of course.

And, well, when it came to eating out, you couldn't go wrong with Cheryl's. Funny how untrue that statement was just six years ago. That would have been a scary thought, but Jennifer had only begun dining at Cheryl's a year and a half ago.

She could count how many times she'd been here on her hands, but, it was good food for what she'd eaten.

She had brought her sketchbook with her. She was planning to drop by the park later, and sketch a bit of the nature. And who knows? Maybe she'd find something else sketch worthy on the way there. Or on the way back.

She had just taken the last bite of her chicken and steak quesadilla when she heard coughing come from behind her. She instinctively turned and raised her head up, to see who had been coughing. Jennifer didn't want to intrude on the situation, but if someone was in trouble she wanted to help.

It seemed that she wasn't the only one with that idea, though, as almost immediately someone had rushed to help the victim.

Alice and Kiziah weren't people she knew very well. She'd had a few classes with Kiziah and saw Alice around the halls, but they'd never really interacted.

It seemed that the incident resolved itself rather quickly, though.

Jennifer wanted to get back to... whatever it was she was doing, but she decided against it.

The two girls were relatively unknown to her, and so it went without saying that she was an unknown to them as well. And with her mission to try and get to know more people in her mind, she wanted to try and interact with them.

"Um... hey...?" she said, trying to catch their attention.
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