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As soon as Alice recovered from her mild fit, she saw the adjacent booth's occupant spring up with apparent concern. Alice was a bit surprised; she hadn't expected to illicit genuine concern for her wellbeing. That was sweet of them, if a bit unnecessary. Still, it became clear as to the reason for the stranger's reaction as Alice realized they were not, in fact, a stranger.

"Oh, hey there."

The slip-up was not missed, but Alice didn't really mind. She and Kiziah had interacted pleasantly in the past, though Kiziah was an upperclassman. Regardless, it was endearing if anything that Kizi had been concerned about her. It was always nice to know people cared, and really it was even more pleasing if they didn't have to worry but did so anyway.

"I'm okay, don't worry." Alice said, smiling gently. "Thanks, though."

She peeked over the booth, setting her book onto the table with a bookmark to hold her page. Kizi was eating what looked like a seafood/rice dish. It actually looked really good; Alice was perfectly aware of the restaurant's reputation in the past, but she paid it no mind for the most part. They'd spruced up since then, so she didn't see a point in making a fuss.

"I'm good, thanks. I got paid this afternoon so I wanted to treat myself." Technically, the payment wasn't the type Kizi would likely expect; it was a wired exchange, Alice having drawn someone's request in return for monetary compensation. She didn't always take commissions, but she liked to when she needed money, and it was fun to draw people's characters sometimes. This one had been drawn in a stylized fashion at the customer's request, which Alice wasn't used to, but she had been proud of it regardless. The recipient had been very thankful, too.

"Other than that..." Alice shrugged. "Not much. How are you?"

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