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((Alice Baker continued from Rays on Pinion))

Cheryl's was a lovely little diner, really. Alice greatly appreciated it's presence, though she wasn't especially inclined towards partaking in the special events they held. When she ate out, she was looking for good food, not crazy games and stuff. It was a nice feature she supposed, but not one she usually took advantage of.

Luckily, Cheryl's delivered on food, so Alice made it her stop of choice when she wanted to eat out. Usually, she was accompanied by her parents (Molly avoided family meals like the plague) but today she was eating by herself. It was early Friday evening, she had no homework and she'd gotten paid on commission for a sketch she'd done, so Alice had figured she might as well treat herself.

Today, dinner was breakfast. Alice was devouring a plateful of pancakes with the artificial syrup and lots of butter. It was nice, fluffy and very yummy, though Alice wasn't usually a fan of sugary foods for meals. She loves sweet things, naturally, but cakes were better as a treat, not the main course. Still, this was a nice meal.

Alice was also reading; specifically, she was rereading "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings". Maya Angelou was a fabulous writer and storyteller, and Alice was terribly jealous of her. She had been tempted, in the past, to write her own autobiography, but figured she was too uninteresting and, more importantly, too fortunate. She was a white, straight girl in middle-class with no real personal issues. Who would feel bad for her? Angelou was a storyteller and had a fascinating, tragic story tell. Alice was hardly a tragic figure.

Unfortunately for Alice, she was about to earn herself some unwanted sympathy. As she took a bite of pancake, she swallowed funny. As soon as she gulped down her forkful, she recognized the unpleasant sensation and began coughing. Loudly, in fact, enough to draw attention to herself. After a moment of hacking, Alice managed to gulp down a glass of water, panting slightly from the misfire.

Alice glanced around the diner, slightly self-conscious. Hopefully she didn't make anyone uncomfortable with her reaction.
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