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"That's gross, Jeremy," BB said. "I'm just there with the band. Obviously."

Jerry's arrival and Barry's confusion complicated matters a little. Poking too much at their incomprehension could be kind of bitchy, even if they'd maybe deserve it if they got all unduly interested in her joke. She also really didn't want to come off like she was flirting with Jeremy because while he was okay in her book at the moment that wasn't the same as being flirting material. Maybe if he filled out that height of his a bit better—and of course there was still that lingering memory of his past slips. And then of course Jerry was a little strange and there was a chance that he'd make this whole thing weird and awkward. He'd also just point-blank asked if she was making things up, and that sort of directness was often a signal that someone wasn't quite able to catch out sarcasm, and wouldn't appreciate more of it even if they could.

All the same, she wasn't about to give Jeremy the last laugh.

"I mean," she said, "yeah, Jerry, I'm kidding. But Jeremy sounded pretty genuine to me. I mean, can't you tell he's the freaky type?"

With the baton passed, BB leaned back a bit and started on her corn. It was sort of watery. She probably should have saved some pizza to wash it down.
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