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So they did not record together. Well, fine. That correction was to be expected. Rainy didn't seem to be the person to have fun and record a vine anyway. Didn't seem to be the person to chat with people either. Should've asked Enzo whether by 'chat' they meant 'I talked at her and sometimes her arm moves'.

Enzo asked Fiyori about what her business was, and... wait a moment.


Fiyori looked Enzo into the eyes, her head tilting just a bit in confusion. Alright, she got one thing. Namely that 'Chihuahua' was the nick Enzo gave her. She did not really understand the reasoning behind that nick? Like, was there something canine about Fiyori? Weren't Chihuahuas also super small? Something which Fiyori definitely was not? The question kept her occupied for a bit. Yet, she quickly remembered that she was asked a question.

She nodded quickly. Her right hand slid down to the bag she was carrying at her side. It was crammed, and you would even see some stuff bulging out at the top. It wasn't heavy. Only empty cups and cans. Yet one of them was still filled with two objects, wrapped in aluminum.

Burritos, to be exact. Fiyori took them out. She had eaten one of those in the library, no? Man, Rainy would've probably thrown a ninja star at Fiyori is she knew.

"Well, I made too much food and I guessed I could share them. Please take some."

She stretched the first burrito out to Enzo. Honestly though, it was to get something out of Rainy. Yes, it would have been a great compliment to get her to enjoy the food. Yet any reaction would be fine. Accepting it. Rejecting it. Anything.

Anything that drew Rainy out of her cover.
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