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To any outside observer, seeing Mia drifting forwards as slowly as possible would have been an indication of someone who really couldn’t care less for swimming, and possibly for sports and PE in general. And, true, it did look like Mia was putting in the bare minimum of effort, as if she’d decided her goal for the day was to be put on Coach Parkinson’s Shit List.

An outside observer, however, wouldn’t have been paying attention to Mia’s impish grin.

Sure, swimming in PE wasn’t quite as good a form of training as just diving into the pool into her own time, but it was something she was passionate about, and every little bit more she practiced, the better she would get at the sport. She wasn’t prepared to just doss about and not take it seriously. But that also didn’t stop her from having a little fun along the way.

As soon as she felt like Coach Parkinson was on the verge of yelling at her, Mia took a deep breath and propelled herself forwards, pushing herself into a front crawl. Not her best stroke, that accolade belonged to the backstroke, but that was all the more reason to practice it. All other thoughts left Mia’s mind, as she focused on the steady rhythm of pushing herself through the water, aiming to pass by as many people as possible.

It wasn’t exactly the fairest of challenges. About half of the people currently in the pool either didn’t actively participate in or care for regular swimming, after all. But on the other hand, that was all the more reason to work as hard as she would in her regular swim practice. If she couldn’t beat the less-physically inclined members of her class, well... that would be a bit of a bad sign.

As Mia continued to swim, she noticed flashes of familiar faces passing by her, small snippets of conversation between the less-than-infused and the accidental-colliders. Mia wasn’t prepared to slow down to join in with any of it, no matter who it was or how much she wanted to.

Ah well. The flash of her grin would have to suffice as conversation.


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