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Georgia Lee Day would never admit to being proud of her height, but she was. How stupid was that? Taking pride in something she had nothing to do with? It was her parents work when you really thought about it; did that mean she was proud of them?

Her feelings towards her parents were complex, and confused, and many. Pride wasn't one of them.

When you really really thought about it, her parents weren't responsible for their genetics either. They didn't chose them, what did they do? Just met each other and fallen in love, and not even on purpose at that. Wow, that must've been tough. They'd kept having daughters long after it ceased to be financially prudent, or even viable. That must've been kind of tough, she supposed.

So thanks for that one, guys.

These weren't thoughts she liked, and they were ones she generally avoided. She wasn't overly interested in the "why" of things. She knew her height was good, she knew she liked it, and she tried not to concern herself with the reason that her thoughts on the matter weren't more developed.

Tall enough to reach every shelf in the kitchen. Short enough that if she ever wanted to go dancing with someone, she wouldn't need to wear flats. So what if it wasn't her doing? It was a good height, and she liked it.

Fiyori was much too tall. She probably knew it too, she hunched over all the time. Her bony face and stick limbs and hunching posture made her look like a praying mantis, and even with the hunch she'd see clear over the heads of 3 quarters of the girls in Georgia Lee's grade.

She stuck out like a sore thumb. A bony, sore, dark-skinned thumb, bent slightly forward, vicious little eyes searching for a boy-thumb to bite the head off of. She was too tall and she looked like an insect and her hair may have been nice but tucking it behind those ears was doing her no favours. Her breath hit Georgia Lee's face when she spoke, and it was sour.

Georgia Lee kept this to herself. Her mouth was shut, and she kept it that way. She lifted her phone again, as if she barely registered Fyori's presence. There was only one face reflected in the dark of the screen, and it was Georgia Lee's and it looked strong. It was like she was alone there, in the blackness. Like she was floating in space all by herself.

It was an image she liked, and she kept looking at it, long after she'd ascertained that no, she did not look shaken, and yes, everything's fine. She kept her eyes on the screen and breathed through her mouth.

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