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Another slightly sheepish grin. Yeah, Rainy got it. Got the very cheesy pun that they'd probably be kinda worried if she didn't get.

Enzo considered themselves to be a people person. In that they were pretty good at picking up other people's moods, if not actually catering to those moods. Cause that wasn't Vinny's job to do that, in their opinion. However, they were good enough at the former that they could tell that GLD wasn't precisely thrilled at Fiyori rolling up. Actually, there was an instant - could they call it a retreat? It was kind of like Rainy had just ducked behind all of her barriers that Enzo had drawn her out of with their easy manner.


Vincenzo rubbed their chin absently, eyes drifting between Georgia and Fiyori. Then shook their head in reply to the question.

"Nah. I did it on my own, then saw she was out here by herself, figured I'd chat," they favoured Fiyori with a smile. "I'm good at chatting."

Fiyori muttered something under her breath that Vincenza didn't quite catch, even when they inclined their head towards her. They got the sense that Fiyori had meant to keep it to herself... though in that case why even say it out loud at all?

"And you? Why you out and about here, chihuahua?"

Cause, y'know, Fiyori. Fifi. It was like a dog's-

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