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Henry nodded eagerly. "Okay, cool! Good luck getting into the Olympics, Kimiko. It's nice that in modern times girls can do Olympic sports and stuff, originally in ancient Greece you had to be a man which is totally BS am I right?" Kimiko would probably be inclined to agree. After all, she was a girl.

Turning to Sam, Henry was slightly less enthusiastic but still pretty enthusiastic. Playing favorites wasn't cool. "That's cool too, Sam! I dunno if I'm gonna do the whole, "college education" thing either, but we'll see. Good luck with your...job thing!"

"Oh, anyway, as for myself, I graduate next year. I dunno what I'm gonna do, I like horror and stuff so maybe I'll write horror novels. I don't like writing very much though, maybe I can be an actor who does horror? I don't like theater either, though." Henry paused and rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "I dunno, I kind of have to think about it. But whatever, I've got time."

Henry offered a big grin. "You guys don't have as much time, though, so it's good you figured it out! Soon you'll be graduating, and getting jobs, if you don't have one I guess, you might, but you'll go to college, well one of you will, and all sorts of stuff! I bet it'll be fun."

Suddenly, a distraction appeared. Henry glanced over at the shelf, and spotted a graphic novel with tentacles on it. "Oh, cool, "Fall of Cthlulhu"! What's it about..." Henry grabbed the comic off the shelf and started delving into it.
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