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Those weren't half-bad ideas. Her usual subject matter was either fantasy or sci-fi, so she hadn't explored any Asian-based designs. Those might be interesting to try and draw. She flinched when Danny almost hit her, though she brushed it off as horseplay and gave him a pass. At least he didn't actually hit her. "You've gotta be more careful" She chastised jokingly. "We're in a library, after all. Anyway, those are some pretty good ideas. I'll go with the...er, 'old man on the mountain' thing."

She looked down at the paper and scrunched her nose. She wasn't that good at drawing old people. It was their faces that gave her trouble: all those wrinkles and stuff were difficult for her to pull off with accuracy. Bridgette didn't draw faces that much, anyway, so it shouldn't be that much of a problem. She still needed to draw a beard, though, just to add flair to the drawing.

Bridgette paused, her pencil hovering above the paper before she put it down and sighed. "I need a reference picture to work from," she whipped out her phone and turned to Danny. "What should I google? 'Old man on mountain', or is that too generic?" She looked at the blank search bar. "Maybe 'monk' would work..."

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