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Caedyn was being her usual melodramatic self, going on about lovebirds and other things. Looks like she still wasn't dropping that. Jasper smiled and ate another caramel slice. He took a sip of water as he lamented the fact that he was on his last caramel slice. He'd have to pay up soon, but he may as well stick around to talk to Caedyn.

Adelaide and Lily had hurried out after that, leaving him and her alone. Caedyn took this opportunity to talk in peace. "Oh, her?" He mused, turning around to face her. "That's Adelaide. She's in our grade, actually. I don't talk to her much, but I haven't heard anything too bad about her." He paused before continuing. "By the way, I didn't know you knew Lily! But it looked like you two had some bad or something. What's up with that?"

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