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Danny kept staring at the picture, face still propped on his hands.

“What about a ninja? Or like a warrior person with lightning and shit going 'bzzttpewpewpew.' Or... no, no, wait! A ninja with lightning. Or one of those bearded wise dudes with the martial arts skills. Who're all like 'hwaaaaah!'” He made a kung-fu gesture and nearly smacked Bridgette in the face. “Shit, sorry. But if I'd punched your head off and you hadn't been you and instead had been, I don't know... someone villainous and muahahaha... it would have been cool. If I'd been an old man on a mountain or something. You should draw that.”

Having totally solved Bridgette's quandary on drawing ideas, he beamed at her.

He liked Bridgette. She had mad drawing skills, and she didn't shout at him, and she was smart and knew a lot of stuff. Never had time to hang out outside of school, which sucked, and made it even more perplexing that she'd spend her spare time in the library of all places, because why?
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