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(Adelaide Walker continued from Every day is great at your Junes)

Adelaide was taking deep breaths from her nose and exhaled out her mouth as she checked her watch for the time it took for her to do her run. Normally, she would be at the athletic center in Sumac, since her parents paid for membership passes for the family, but it had been such a nice day she had decided to go out and get some fresh air instead of her regular time spent on the treadmill. She was wearing her usual running outfit of shorts and a tank top with a sports bra underneath. Sometimes she could get away with only the sports bra, but when her grandmother had seen her walk out of the house, in her opinion, was tight fitting underwear, she had pulled a lose fitting red tank on over her bra.

Now Adelaide was regretting her decision, as the cloth top was soaked with sweat from her exertion. She needed to find a way to cool her body off. She walked over to a nearby drinking fountain, close to where two other people were, and started taking sips of the cold water. The liquid had an aftertaste to it, but she had not wanted to lug around a full canteen during her outdoor workout. No use complaining about it.

She side-eyed the two while she was taking sips. They looked like they knew each other, but wanted to get some idea of how they acted before attempting to engage them in conversation.

The girl's posture did peak her interest, however. Meditation. She had read about it before, but save for middle-aged people at the gym she had never seen people her age take up the exercise.
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