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((Alessio Rigano continued from Dearest Creature in Creation))

Alessio walked through the park, clothed in a green, checkered dress shirt, with not only the highest button, but every button unbuttoned; it was good weather after all. He enjoyed to walk through the park with his ears being plugged by earphones that are connected with his MP3-player in his pocket.

The tune of Nagasaki by Reinhardt he obtained from the internet in a not-so-legal way ended and a new song of his playlist started to play. This time it was something from the Dire Straits.

So Alessio carried a shopping bag, where a chips bag was on top of it, looking out of it. Inside the bag, there was diverse stuff, milk for the Riganos, milk for the cats, meat, food, cheese and various other things. Mostly food, though.

The park was a nice place to go through after having shopped for his family. He used to jog in the park often when the weather was good. Oh, man. How many weeks has he not jogged? It must've been a while. Maybe months.

He then saw Penelope, a friend of him from the robotics club. She's fun to be around and is an excellent roboticist. Apparently she now enjoyed the sun by sitting on a bench and has a flower behind her ear, which was kinda unusual. Well, Al wouldn't find it that unusual, but fitting, considering that she wore turtle earrings.

Alessio had to smile.

"Hello, Penelope!"
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