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Samuel hadn't heard of the book Henry mentioned, but he made a mental note to check it out later. The two of them had similar tastes, so maybe it was worth looking into. He just shook his head when Henry asked if they'd heard of it, and part of him wanted him to leave to go find his book. But instead, he asked about their 'senior stuff' and their plans after high school. He didn't know what he meant by senior stuff, and he was caught off guard by the next question. Kimiko shrugged but typed out her response on her phone, holding it up for the two of them to see. He had to lean over to read what she had typed.

The Olympics, huh? Kimiko definitely her eyes set on lofty aspirations, and her ambition was admirable. Samuel didn't know that she did gymnastics, but if she was set on the Olympics she was probably working hard towards that goal. His plans, on the other hand...

"Well then," he said, standing up straight. "Mine aren't nearly as glamorous as that. I dunno, I'm probably just going to work straight out of high school," Samuel admitted. "I'm not well-suited for college, y'see. Don't think it'd help me."

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