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...heh, that was a good one. Rainy. She liked that nickname. For a moment, Fiyori pondered whether there was some special background behind it. Did Enzo and Rainy knew each other? Were they friends? Actually, no. People like Rainy, Fiyori assumed, were the kind of people to spit on Enzo.

Well, then they wouldn't chat together like this, or?

Fiyori drew closer to the bench, halting only as she leaned over the bench's back right next to Rainy. She turned her head towards the girl, baring her teeth in what was supposed to be a smile.

"Rainy? That's a pretty cute name." She turned her head to Enzo. "So you've been doing a vine together? Man, that's quite the surprise."

There was a definite hint of joviality in her voice. It was as if Fiyori was not angry at all. And well, she really wasn't angry. Yeah, alright. She has been somewhat grumpy sine the event at the library. And she did kinda thought of Rainy as nothing more than a stupid little brat. But that was... dunno, it was a hard thing for Fiyori to grasp. Fiyori knew, when people get angry their bodies get hot and their hands start trembling and the heart starts beating like crazy and they feel this primal urge to lash out and destroy and hurt and scream.

Fiyori looked at her hands, slowly placing them over another. Her hands felt kinda cold. Cold, frozen, without motion.

She murmured something.

"I figured you'd have run away by now, though."
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