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Kimiko looked over at Samuel. He was being a little too condescending but she could understand why. It had been a fairly stupid question to ask. Although treating Henry like he was a thirteen year-old wasn't the right way to go about answering. Kimiko had heard of the book Henry was looking for although she had no interest in it at all. As a result the title was about the only thing she did know besides some things she had heard said about it. Not that she could remember those small details anymore. She hadn't been focused on them. As a result she wasn't sure she could be any help to Henry. So she answered him with a non-committal hand-wobble. The hand-wobble always served her well when it came to showing she was unsure about something, sometimes she threw in a small shrug as well to make it extra obvious.

Body language was something Kimiko was a master of or that was what she liked to think. She had never actually asked anyone to confirm her belief at all but she assumed the fact she managed to make it through day-to-day life without relying on technology to explain things for her proved her point. She did have to make frequent use of her phone to type things out for her but she flat-out refused to use one of those machines that vibrated her vocal cords. She had been asked if she wanted one once in Taiwan and had said no and asked again when she'd made one of her first visits to a specialist in America. It had never been brought up again thanks to the aggressiveness of her initial refusal.

She tilted her head when Henry asked about "senior stuff". She had no idea what he meant. Seniors didn't really do anything juniors didn't, apart from stuff to do with college she guessed. Yeah, that was something she had to think about more. Then Henry asked what they planned to do when they graduated. Kimiko couldn't speak for Samuel there but she still looked up at him before looking back at Henry and shrugging...while typing on her phone.

College, international politics, do gymnastics. Hopefully Olympics.

She held it up so the others could see. She didn't know if Samuel knew of her dream of doing gymnastics at the Olympics but if he didn't he did now. It had been her dream since childhood, ever since she had been old enough to understand what the Olympics were. All the hours upon hours of practice were for that one goal. She just had to get into the right college and then go off to the Olympic trials. She was sure she would be able to make it.
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