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Cameron had her knees tucked up to her chest and her arms wrapped around them. She was using her knees as a rest for her chin as she stared out into the desert. She didn't know exactly how long both her and Vanessa had been sitting there, completely silent. She appreciated that Vanessa knew better than to press the issue, there was no need to. Her company was enough by itself to make Cameron feel better and she was sure her friend knew that. That was why their relationship was special. They understood each other on a level beyond everyone else around them, it had always been that way ever since they first met.

The first day in high school was supposed to be slower, more nerve-wracking. It hadn't been like that for Cameron: the first person she had met was Vanessa and that had been the rest of her day sorted. She had a friend from the beginning and ally from the outset. The bond only grew stronger as time went on. It was a sign of their connection that Vanessa had managed to convince her to form a band. It wasn't something Cameron had ever cared about, the idea had been brought up with her before from some other people she knew and her old teachers had suggested it. Citing that working with other like-minded creative people could help push her to achieve more; not that she wasn't already achieving but the pros and skills that could be learned from performing in a group would have helped her on multiple levels. That second part was added in after her teachers were made aware of her problems and thus began thrusting her into more social interactions to try and form "positive bonds" with others as they had called it.

That wasn't what happened with Vanessa, one day she just pitched the idea and Cameron had said yes without thinking about it. Only Vanessa had been able to do that and she'd done it first time of asking. Maybe that was why Cameron valued Vanessa so much, after all she had been joining high school coming off what had been the most tumultuous time of her life and this other girl immediately latched onto her as a friend and was someone she genuinely enjoyed being around. It was likely that was doing Vanessa a disservice; she meant much more to Cameron than just a rock. She was her best friend. That was what made the next part so hard.

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