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Bryony had a slightly stunned look on her face as Sandra instantly took another spoonful of ice cream the second she had recovered. It was... it was something to behold. Could it be considered resilience and an unwavering sense of optimism, not letting a single thing get her down? Or was it simply a good old fashioned case of ‘I want to eat this ice cream goddamnit and nothing short of literal death is going to get in my way?’

Actually, thinking things over, it was almost certainly the latter.

Bryony looked on, apprehension still visible on her face, as Sandra continued to eat, her friend wisely electing to finish her mouthful before speaking. That look of apprehension quickly shifted to one of surprise as Sandra managed to correctly identify the game she had been playing earlier. Bryony had never taken Sandra for much of a gamer – sports had always, always been her thing – so she guessed her friend must have done some serious research to have got the correct name.

“I, uh, yeah, it was! It’s not an easy game, but, um, I’ve been trying to make a push for completing it recently...” Bryony smiled absent-mindedly, stirring the ice cream around in her bowl a little. “I’m kinda surprised you recognised it, honestly, it’s, um, not the most... mainstream of games...”

Bryony opened her mouth to carry on speaking, then closed it and looked down at the table. Another second passed, then she looked up at Sandra again. Sure, she didn’t play video games as much as Bryony herself, but they were both friends; Sandra wouldn’t judge her for talking at greater length. Plus, whenever Sandra or someone else with radically different interests to Bryony talked about what they liked, they always managed to make it sound interesting.

“Actually, um, I’ve... I have already completed it. I already bought it on Steam, on, um, my computer. I guess it’s a bit of a waste of money, but, like, um... I really enjoy the game! I grew up playing these sorts of old-school, retro platform type games, so having a game recently come out that plays the same was a, um, pretty nice surprise. I’m just hoping that Bloodstained and Mighty Number 9 turn out as good...”

Bryony could feel the heat in her cheeks, the sort that always appeared whenever she ended up talking at great lengths about the things that she loved, but her smile remained on her face. Yeah, Sandra would probably still be cool with it. There was a line, and Bryony didn’t think she’d crossed over it.

If she’d started talking about Steam Sales and DLC and other impenetrable jargon, then that’d probably have pushed her over the line.


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