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Vinny switched their attention away from the oncoming person to actually listen to what Georgia was saying. To do otherwise would be rude, and Vinny tried their best not to be rude. Thoughtless at times, perhaps. Besides, GLD was still asking about their shenanigans on the internet, which was more than Enzo had expected. Usually people switched off early if they weren't interested, and Vincenza had definitely had Rainy pegged as the the type to look down on their hobby.

"If you look for 'Vinney Gatti' on Vine, you'll find my account. Uh... that's Vinney with two Ns, though. Just a little- well, you know," they grinned sheepishly. It had seemed like a good idea at the time, but the pun had induced more than its fair share of groans. "The rest of my stuff is... hm, well, my twitch and youtube have the same account name - which is 'TheAmazinGatti', all one word, but only one G," they chuckled softly. "I hope I don't sound full of myself for having my name all over everything. I mean, I am pretty awesome, but I hope I don't sound full of myself," a wink, and then their attention was drawn back to their visitor as they spoke up.

Tall, skinny, dark- oh, Fiyori. Yeah, so far as standing out in a crowd went, that girl was pretty memorable, and this was Enzo talking. They didn't really know her especially well, beyond the usual classmate association; seemed to run in different circles. Enzo, after all, wasn't a social butterfly, wasn't hugely for the party scene unless music or Brady's bunch (ha) were involved. Not that odd, they supposed. Odder that she was approaching out of the blue, really.

Vincenzo tipped a lackadaisical wave towards Fiyori. "S'okay. Just chatting with Rainy, here. Recorded a vine so, you know, productive. Sort of."
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