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Penelope breathed in the fresh air of the park.

((Penelope Fitzgerald Pregame Start))

The wind danced across the beautiful scenery of the park, blowing Penelope's hair aside as she sat cross legged with her eyes closed on one of the park benches, meditating. She opened her eyes and took a sip from her bottle of tea. Things were quiet, serene. She loved Sumac Park for how nice it was to simply stay there and enjoy herself in the peace and quiet. It was certainly a joy for her to visit on the weekends, just so she could get out of her house and breathe in the fresh air of the park. Life was good, she was glad that she had the life she had. It was sunny and warm, as it usually is in Kingman, Arizona. She enjoyed the sunshine, even if she had to put on sun screen to avoid getting burnt due to her paleness.

Penelope bent over slightly and reached down for one of the flowering weeds that dotted the park. She picked it and admired how elegant it was. Most people would not say that they like these flowers, due to their status as weeds, but Penelope could find the beauty in most things. As far as she was concerned, life in general is beautiful. She placed the flower behind her ear and leaned back on the bench, closing her eyes. She took a deep breath and sighed in contentment. She sat there for a few minutes, and then tilted her head back up. She pulled her phone out of her purse, which had been sitting next to her, and checked the time. She would need to go home soon enough, and she needed to know how much more time she had, but she still had a fair amount of time from the looks of it, so she put her phone away and relaxed again.

Penelope closed her eyes and took in a big breath before returning to her meditation.
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