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((Bridgette Sommerfeld continued from Imparare))

Bridgette normally ate her lunch in the cafeteria before heading over to the library. If she could she'd just eat her lunch there, though there was a no-food policy and even though kids rarely got busted for it she wasn't one to break rules. She liked the library and it's quiet atmosphere, even when there was a lot of people inside. It was a nice place to relax during lunch and a perfect opportunity to draw, study, hang out with friends or some combination of those three. Right now she was alone, though she was hoping that someone would drop by to talk.

She was sitting at one of the tables in the center of the library, sketchbook laid out in front of her. She was starting another drawing, sketching the guidelines for a generic figure. After some thought she decided to go for a heftier figure, though she didn't know where to go from there. Bridgette tended to let the ideas come to her as she drew, though at the moment she didn't know what to draw. Nothing she thought of struck her fancy, so she was stuck staring at a blank mannequin on her page.

Oh, what to draw, what to draw...

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