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Vanessa’s focus moved back and forth between watching the road and looking at Cameron out of the corner of her eye. It was a quiet night, little traffic, so she could direct her attention towards her friend as the driving instincts kept her jeep going on cruise control.

Cameron's silence wasn’t unusual, and Vanessa was used to it. This was part of Cameron’s process: the digesting, the healing, getting through her emotions and sifting through everything that was wrong inside. She hated seeing her friend go through that, seeing her BFF having to deal with it all by herself, but she was no therapist; the best she could do was just be there for her and make sure she didn’t do anything that would hurt her even more.

“Sure.” she replied simply to Cameron’s request, making a left turn to head towards the town’s outskirts. She still didn’t know what was actually wrong, and the uncertainty was just making her more nervous by the minute. Her phone had already buzzed in her pocket, no doubt a text from her mom asking just what the hell was going on and what did she think she was doing running out at 9 o’clock on a school night, but that would have to wait for now. She’d let her mom know when she knew.

The silhouette of Kingman against the desert skyline began to grow distant in the rear view window, as Vanessa drove along the road she’d taken with the band many times before. They’d go to the spot they usually hung out at when they needed some inspiration, start a fire, and just deal with this.
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