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((I have RC's permission))

The water was cool, in multiple ways. It was cool in that it made her skin less warm, and cool in that it was a good experience. Taking a few seconds to tread water, Junko then pulled away from the edge.

There were still a few people hesitant to get in, poking their feet inside. Wimps. It's just water. And they had to get in eventually. But she couldn't help but smile at the idea. She wondered why there were still people surprised that they had to swim. Oh well, their problem, she guessed.

One arm forward, the next up. The legs kicking. Junko decided on using a front crawl today. It was what she preferred when swimming, after all. No doggie paddles for her. Anyways, she soon got to work.

Even though Parkinson said "don't make it a competition, it's just warm-ups"... Junko couldn't help but feel a sense of accomplishment with each person she was ahead of. She had always been proud of her physical abilities. Who wouldn't? She was good at track, and at rollerblading, and even though she sucked balls at first, she was quickly getting better at parkour. As far as she was concerned, she had a right to brag, and a right to show off.

At the end of the day, she was still Junko, after all.

As she swam, the other side of the pool got ever so closer. A few people were ahead of her already, too. Junko tried her hardest to focus on her laps rather than anything else, but that meant she wasn't paying attention.

And paying attention was important, or else your arm ends up crashing into someone next to you. Like right now.

"Ah, sh-" she began, but stopped herself. "Sorry, Jerry."

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