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As Fiyori drew closer to the pair of gir- people she became more and more certain that the one that was turned away from her was also the goddamn idiot from the library. Now, Fiyori was kinda shitty with names and she also kinda got stuck on faces sometimes. But she made sure to reserve a little space of her mind - just a really tiny bit - for 'just some Junior girl'.

Come to think of it, that was actually an odd thing. Well, yes, there were a bunch of dumb kids and adults who pissed Fiyori off from time to time, but usually she accepted the inherent shitfacedness of the human race quickly and went on doing stuff that was actually fun.

Well, not that there was much opportunity to dwell on that oddity. Fiyori was already getting very close to the pair. In her mind, she went over some possible ways to - ahem - greet them. Maybe she'd sneak up on the girl, lean over her, get some scare out of her. Would've been fun. Though they probably noticed her already, no? Enzo at least seemed to be so, as far as Fiyori could tell.

She stopped a few feet before the pair.

"How's it goin'?"
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