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Vinny brightened again as Georgia Lee zeroed in on perhaps their favourite hobby. Definite favourite, if combined with streaming games. The topic never failed to capture their enthusiasm, mostly because it was gratifying to both enjoy doing something and have other people, well... enjoy watching you enjoy it? That was sort of what streaming was, though there was also a personality element in there. Enzo was glad that they were good at finding things to talk about and commentary to make, otherwise they'd be hopeless at attracting interest.

"I do a few things, actually," Enzo replied, smiling genuinely. "Let's see... well there's my youtube channel, but that's mostly for collecting the other things I do. I'm not really that great at video editing. Then there's my vine page... I make vines all the time, like seriously all the time," Enza bit their lip, holding back a laugh as they remembered when the handful of occasions they'd roped other students or even teachers into their work. GLD proooobably wouldn't find it as funny as they did. "And I also stream games. Try to do that every day for at least a bit, if I don't have too much work. My channel's not famous or anything, but I pull a good crowd I guess. I did try a blog, but it's not really my thing. I'm not much of a writer. Would rather be on camera."

They paused for a few moments. "So uh, yeah, that's me, Rainy. Online stuff. Weird's a selling point," Vinny said that casually, like it didn't bother them. And truthfully, in many ways it didn't. They were who they were. Anyone who had an issue with that...

Their train of thought was interrupted as, out of the corner of their eye, beyond Georgia Lee, they spotted someone walking towards them. Making a beeline, actually. Enzo's eyebrows rose.
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