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Jane seemed to have more or less taken charge of the meeting at this point, and Nate was happy to follow her lead. He found himself stepping into the middle of the circle, looking between the girls to see who was going to join him first.

“I can start us off, I have an idea in my head anyway.” He said, just looking again to make sure no-one was going to object to him getting the ball rolling.

Yes, no, please, banana. Easy to remember, easy to work with. Well, maybe easy was overstating it, but he’d got a decent idea for how he wanted the scene to go in his head. He had to be prepared for Jane or Coleen, depending who joined him first (or maybe both?) to take the scene in a different direction, but wasn’t that the point of the whole exercise?

Placing himself in his imagined role, he began to mime stacking boxes and playing with a cash register. He had no clue if what he was trying to do was obvious to the girls, but hopefully when one of them joined to greet him the scene would become more transparent. Or maybe the girls would just completely misinterpret what he was trying to do, and they’d get a whole new scene. Or maybe they'd take it from an angle he hadn't even thought of all together.
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