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((Mia Rose: Pregame start!))

There were few greater feelings than the experience of being in water. Mia had made this assessment years ago, and it had held firm ever since. Stepping into the pool felt like taking a step through the airlock into outer space. The feeling of weightlessness, the excitement, the quickening pulse once she actually started doing laps... yeah, it was a pretty amazing feeling.

Hence why Mia had spent the entirety of Parkinson’s speech practically levitating above her seat, itching to just get into the pool rather than talking about it.

Normally she’d probably have been content to chat with one of her friends, but today she really wanted to get to swimming. Every so often, generally the day before it all had to be handed in, Mia was swamped with so much school work, essays, and the like, that she’d have little time to properly fit in her normal exercise routine or hobbies. That was exactly what had happened the past few days, and Mia felt like it had been a millennium since she’d last been in the pool.

As soon as Parkinson gave the OK, Mia was out of her seat and heading towards the water as quickly as she could whilst not bundling any poor sap into the pool headfirst.

Not that that had ever happened before, but she was keen to keep it that way.

There were a couple familiar faces already in and around the pool, most notably Jerry. She wasn’t super close friends with Jerry, but Will and Davey were, so they got on pretty well.

A couple of people were acting as though the swimming pool was filled with acid rather than water, gingerly dipping their little toes in and only just breaking the surface. Mia couldn’t help but grin, trying her best to hide it by rolling her neck and stretching her arms, before she slid into the pool.


Mia lazily drifted to the side of the pool. What was it Parkinson wanted from them? Laps? Perfect.

She was in her element.


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