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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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((Jerry Fury continued from the annals of anal history))

Jerry clacked down his tray at the table and swung a leg over, sitting next to the girl who mentioned the offending phrase. "Just sayin', the when and the where and the cover charge and I'm in!" Jerry laughed hysterically and loudly at his own joke, using the cheap plastic spork that Cochise provided them with to scoop some of the corn onto the soggy pepperoni pizza. "Fucking pizza sucks... so! BB!"

Jerry looked around to the group at the table. Jeremy, Barry, totally cool dudes. Barry was a cool dude, pretty athletic and a hell of a guy to be around. Jeremy was.... certainly a person, yup, and BB was cool if a totally weird girl who Jerry wouldn't doubt if somebody said she was on the school roof with a homemade satellite dish, trying to contact Soviet Russia. She had the double-x chromosome going for her though, so that was nice. "Orgies and cock-steam. Average conversation around Cochise at lunch thime." Jerry folded his pizza in half and took a bite. Sweet, sweet mediocrity.

"Just, ah..." Jerry said between bites, tucking unswallowed food in his cheek. "Are you actually serious? Jeremy, aren't you like, a virgin or something?"
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