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Ooh, Hellraiser sounded neat. Henry would have to check it out. Plus those others, but Hellraiser stood out somehow. Hmm...It struck him as odd that Kimiko didn't use one of those text-to-voice translator things. Those existed right? He might ask later on. Anyway, she was pretty helpful about the comics.

"Aw, yeah. I should check there later!" Henry said in response to Samuel's comment. He probably should've figured. That was annoying. "I'm looking for a specific book, you guys heard of "House of Leaves? I had a copy but it got-er, it disappeared." Henry didn't lose things, after all. Established facts, people, c'mon, pay attention.

"Oh, anyway, I'll look there later. I think I said that already, anyway though, what ah, what else is new with you guys? Enjoying your...senior stuff?" Henry didn't know what seniors did. Probably college planning and stuff, super boring college planning. The next level of preparatory boredom. He felt bad for them.

"What do you plan on doing when you graduate?" He asked.
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