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Huh. He and Henry had something in common. The fact that he dressed like a goth made a lot more sense. But in Samuel's opinion, he didn't think that Game of Thrones needed more horror. The tragic drama suited the show well, and the show would be fine without it. Samuel enjoyed the fantasy elements as-is, though he wasn't opposed to more horror in the show. It just did well without it.

Samuel nodded along to Henry's rambling, and he had to at least admire his attempts at including Kimiko in the conversation. There was a pause as she typed out her response on her phone, recommending some comics to Henry. His next question was just...dumb, to be honest. Did he even know where he was? "Er, you do know what Larson's sells, right?" He asked, indicating around him. "It's all comics and tabletop gaming resources. There's probably a bookstore down the street, or maybe you could check the library. Either way, there's no books here."

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