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They went back to their conversation which suited Kimiko just fine. They were talking about something related to Game of Thrones. She knew there were books of it but hadn't realised there were graphic novels. Not that it changed her interest in the material any. She watched the show but she was obsessed with it like some people seemed to be. Her family watched it when it was on but that was about as far as it went plus it gave her something to talk about the next day at school.

From everything she had gathered of Henry he was a walking goth stereotype. He had the clothes, the love of horror and the annoying attitude that the darker a piece of fiction was the better it was. Kimiko had always disagreed with that, when Kyle and Yost had taken over X-Force they went so dark with the material it managed to loop back around and become ludicrous. It had always annoyed her because it undermined a lot of the work they had done on their New X-Men run, where deaths happened but they were rare enough that they had an impact. The Purifier attack on the school notwithstanding. But that was a different situation, one story arc of intensity compared to X-Force's continuing intense bloodshed with no signs of slowing down.

Henry snapped her out of her thoughts when he addressed her directly. His sudden questioning left her to awkwardly fumble for her phone in her pocket. She held up her left hand with her index finger up. The universal signal for "one moment" as she withdrew her phone and started to type away. Horror or supernatural comics. They weren't the most popular market for comic books by any means. The domination of superhero comics made by Marvel and DC was pretty much universal and complete. That wasn't to say horror or supernatural comics didn't exist at all, they were just a niche market and therefore harder to find. Kimiko only knew of a few in passing, single issues she had either picked up to see what they were like or names she had seen when browsing online for release dates and previews. When she was done she held the phone up for Henry to see.

Coffin Hill
Reanimator - based off the movie
The Walking Dead - show is based off it
There's also some stuff about Batman fighting Dracula but I can't remember the name

As for the second question, why would you come to a comics shop to look for normal books? Kimiko was fairly sure Kingman had a book store. She shook her head. There were no normal books in Larson's. It was a comic shop. It sold comics, tabletop stuff and games. Normal books were sold elsewhere.
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