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[Fiyori Senay, continued from Silence is Golden]

Oh, yay. Rain. Again.

Fiyori got it. Rain was important, and rain was kinda healthy too. In a way, a special and rare event as well. How many rainy days were there to begin with, huh? She could swear there weren't more than a dozen per year. Still, rain made puddles and other wet things and Fiyori whenever it rained Fiyori forgot about these things and quickly found her soles covered in moist mud. That kinda sucked.

But at least the sky cleared already.

She fumbled with a cigarette in her hands as she went over the campus. Every few seconds she looked left or right or behind her shoulders for teachers or other people who thought their job was being a gigantic ass. Not that she planned to smoke it on school grounds. She could get why it was banned. But she liked to fiddle with stuff. Kinda calmed her. Especially when she got nothing better to do than stand for a while. Or sit, or walk. And well, at that moment she fiddled with a cigarette and just fiddling with it couldn't possibly be anything wrong.

Explain that to a teacher, though.

Then she saw something interesting, and she halted. Two people at a certain location. One of them was Enzo. Guy... uh, dud- person who kinda had two genders at the same time and not really someone you'd just oversee. He wa- they were pretty easy for Fiyori to spot and quite frankly she liked her. Them.

When she was younger, Fiyori was super excited about Enzo. Not that Fiyori got all the nuances, but she kinda got the idea of them being not confined to one gender. Kinda digged it too. Thought it was awesome. Perhaps crept out Enzo in the process but that was a thing Fiyori was used to. The pronoun thing was a bit difficult though, even though Fiyori tried her best.

What, however, really caught her interest was a figure next to Enzo.

She carefully stored the cigarette in her pocket and began walking towards the pair.
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