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There was a moment in which the girl packed up her things and left the library, and Fiyori could only look after her with some kind of... well, what was it? Surprise, maybe? Something else too. Anger, or at least some kind of irritation, she'd guess. For a moment, Fiyori considered yelling after the girl to stay. Something along the lines of facing the consequences and not just flee thinking you're the biggest and baddest fucker around.

Fiyori began to massage her temples. She considered herself to be a chill person. Let and let live. Yeah, a bunch of stuff was nothing but bullshit to her but as long as certain people didn't bother her she couldn't care less. But then there were those shit stains like "just some fucking Junior" who figured they were the boss, going around being a massive nuisance nobody asked for.

The girl was gone. Fiyori breathed deeply once, and then began to laugh.

[Fiyori Senay, continued in Puddles]
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