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Vincenzo's smile lost some dazzle as they pondered Georgia Lee's question, and she regretted asking it. She'd spoken thoughtlessly, she'd let her insecurities dictate her speech and now she might have hurt someone. How was she any different from Ty?

Her father'd always said she was a girl with no middle gears. An "all-or-nothing kinda gal" was another of his favourites. Georgia Lee preferred to think that she simply took things more seriously than most. She'd never seen the point of doing half a job, of doing anything and not trying her hardest at it. She was good at trying her hardest, bth from temperament and from practice. She was less good at nuance.

There was a long stretch of ground, she knew, between chaining herself to the whims and opinions of her peers and deliberately alienating them. Betweens, though, had never been her strong suit - it was either/or for Georgia Lee. Having resolved herself to resist Vincenzo's charms, it seemed she had no other way for that resolve to manifest than by making herself as deliberately off-putting as possible.

Georgia Lee didn't like relying on people, and she didn't like being distracted, and she didn't have many friends as a result. She'd thought this was a choice, a sacrifice she'd made at the altar of her future success. Was that an excuse, though? Was she deluding herself in thinking that she was isolated on her own terms, when in truth she was just unlikeable?

So test it. There wasn't much of lunchtime left, it wasn't as if she'd be risking a lot. Do it, Georgia Lee.

"You make "online stuff"? Is that like a blog? Or a website?"

She had tried to sound interested, and she was, too. No plan? The thought was dizzying. How would you know what to do, if you didn't know what your aims were? Why would you even do anything? She imagined a life of simply acting for acting's sake, without goals or direction.

It seemed like a waste.

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