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Kimiko's reply was pretty subdued, but Henry totally got that. It wasn't like she could, you know, say anything. She wasn't about to reply with the same volume Henry normally would have, or like, any volume. That'd be a big surprise if his mere presence invoked speech in the mute. He'd have to be like, Goth Jesus or something. That'd be pretty weird. Goth Jesus was like, an antonym or something.

Wait. That wasn't the right word. What was it? Jumbo shrimp, cold sweat, baked Alaska...oh, damn it, he couldn't remember.

So yeah, a smile and wave was totally cool.

Henry smiled at her, then returned to Samuel's conversation. If Kimiko had something to add, she certainly could. She'd probably have to get his attention, but that was fine. Henry was good at that sort of thing. Usually. "Ah, I see. That's pretty interesting. Well, setting-wise I guess. I've never really been into that series. Not dark enough."

Henry paused for a moment. "Well, it's pretty dark from what I've heard. Just not dark in the way I like it, I guess. Like, people die and stuff but there's not enough creepy stuff. It's just like gory and tragic and that's kinda annoying 'cause then it's like 'well what was the point?' you know? Anyway, I'm here for...well, mostly the same reason. Not big on comics either."

With a shrug, Henry looked back over at Kimiko. "So I guess you're the resident comic book expert. What's a good horror and/or supernatural comic I could look into?" He also needed to find House of Leaves. "Oh, and where would they have the regular books?" Wait, that sounded bad. "Well, not 'regular' but the traditional ones, with words on pages instead of pictures."

Satisfied with his contribution to discussion, Henry waited for their responses while trying to remember that word. Wasn't it something to do with...no, that wasn't it. Oh, oxymoron! That's it! Goth Jesus, oxymoron extraordinaire!
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