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Staring out the window at the streets of Kingman was a distraction, nothing more. It didn't help make Cameron feel any better. Vanessa was there for her though. Vanessa had always been there for her, ever since they'd met on the first day of high school. She was easily Cameron's best friend, there was no contest. Sure she was close with people like B.B. and Brady but even then Vanessa was so far above them. It showed as well. Cameron had never even considered going to B.B. or Brady, the first and only person she had thought of was Vanessa.

Looking across the interior of the jeep at her best friend driving made Cameron feel guilty. She hated that she'd dragged Vanessa into her problems, it wasn't fair. Cameron had always tried to keep her problems private, keep everything bottled up inside so she could deal with it by herself. Not bring others into it. Other people didn't need to deal with issues that affected her or her family. It would just put pressure and stress on them. She turned her gaze back out the window and resumed watching the streets go past.

What did she want from this? Her first thought was of comfort, but Vanessa couldn't really offer that. Nothing Vanessa could do would stop her parents divorcing. If anything it was false hope to even pretend anything would change. From the way the argument went, the unnerving calmness of it all it seemed like they had decided to end things. That was a fact, unavoidable and inescapable, but true. All Cameron could do was accept that fact and move on. If that was going to be her plan she only knew of one place she would be able to truly commit. One place where she could make peace with the fact her parents were going to separate and try as best she could to continue with the life she wanted to lead.

"I want to go into the desert." Her voice sounded hollow, empty and distant. Maybe it was step one.
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