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They were talking to each other. Kimiko was fine with that, she just wanted to be left alone to browse and buy. Kimiko hated to embody the moody mute stereotype but she really didn't like being disturbed while she was reading. She made every effort to be social normally (unless she was in a bad mood that day) but reading comics was her personal time, and she valued the freedom of being able to set time aside where wasn't going to be disturbed and could just relax. Sure maybe she had to expect it since she was in a public place but she hoped she'd be left alone.

That was why when she heard her name called she had to stop herself from visibly reacting. She didn't want to be rude. Instead she took a second to compose herself, taking a moment to put the other X-Men book she'd been looking at back in its proper place, then turned with a smile and a small wave. She slowly walked over, nodding in answer to Henry's question. Both of the boys had a lot of height on her. That was probably what she got for being both Asian and gymnast. Not like being a gymnast actually had any impact on her height but it was another two stereotypes she embodied. She really hated stereotypes.

It wasn't surprising Henry didn't know that she liked comics, it wasn't a secret at all but he was in the grade below so Kimiko could have counted the interactions between the two of them on one hand. She gave Samuel a smile and nod once she reached them, it was only polite. Tilting her head to one side she opened one of her arms, an invitation for the two boys to continue.
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